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The cost of life assurance is determined by life expectancy. If we are living longer more healthy lives then we are less likely to claim on a life assurance policy, therefore the cost of life assurance has been steadily falling for a number of years. This means that you could get a better deal on life assurance; a lower premium or more cover for your money.

Before you change your existing life assurance there are a few things you need to take into account...

  • If you have visited the Doctors in the last 5 years or your parents\siblings have suffered from ill health then this could have an effect on the premium of a new policy. Do not cancel until a new plan has been accepted
  • Older style contracts that include critical illness cover may provide better benefits than newer style plans. For example, most types of skin cancer may be covered in old contracts while newer contracts may insist that skin cancer must be invasive. Do not cancel an existing life assurance policy until you know what you are giving up
  • When you completed your application for life assurance, did you disclose everything? If you failed to disclose an illness then your life assurance could be invalid. If you're concerned then a new application could overcome this problem and you may save money at the same time.
  • Did you buy the sales pitch from bank to buy their in-house insurance? Such plans can offer poor value by having less options and features while actually costing more.
  • Did you put your life assurance in trust? If not do you have a will that states who will receive the benefits if you die? No to both these questions? You should review your life assurance to make sure it will be paid quickly to the person that you want to receive the benefits.
  • Are you separated? Could your life assurance be paid to your ex? This might be OK, if its what you want.
  • When was the last time you reviewed your life assurance? Is it still enough - has inflation reduced its real value? Have your circumstances changed... more children, larger mortgage? Should you have more cover in place?
  • Do you have a reducing term assurance policy and an interest only mortgage (the sum assured is reducing but your mortgage is not). Have you borrowed more money but not increased your life assurance? Have you allowed for early repayment charges in the sum assured, these may still have to be paid even if the mortgage is repaid with life assurance?

We have some great deals on life assurance and can good solid advice about choosing the right type of policy. We recommend policies from all UK insurers so you have the benefit of lower premiums and greater policy options.

We look forward to helping you.